Did you know...

"Inventor of the Shoe-lasting Machine, Jan Matzeliger not only revolutionized the shoe industry but made Lynn, Massachusetts, the "shoe capital of the world."

Our Staff Quick List

Any of our staff members can be reached using the contact information below.

James Marsh
Community Development Director
P. 781-586-6770
F. 781-477-7026
E. jmarsh@lynnma.gov

Donald Walker
Director of Project Operations
P. 781-586-6778
E. dwalker@lynnma.gov

John Kasian
Economic Development / Youth Services
P. 781-586-6767
E. jkasian@lynnma.gov

AnnMarie Leonard
Community Relations Manager
P. 781-586-6764
F. 781-477-7026
E. aleonard@lynnma.gov

Richard Mageary
Community Facilities Manager
P. 781-586-8121
F. 781-586-8120

Joanna Mills
Administrative Assistant / Special Events
P. 781-586-6770
F. 781-477-7026
E. jmills@lynnma.gov

John Moberger
Community Facilities Manager
P. 781-586-6772
F. 781-477-7026
E. jmoberge@lynnma.gov

Michael Murray
Community Facilities Specialist
P. 781-586-6773
F. 781-477-7026
E. mmurray@lynnma.gov

Allison Perry
Project Operations Assistant
P. 781-586-6762
F. 781-477-7026
E. aperry@lynnma.gov

Millicent Ryan
Administrative Assistant
P. 781-586-6763
F. 781-477-7026
E. mryan@lynnma.gov

Valerie Slepoy
Financial Services Specialist
P. 781-586-6776
F. 781-477-7026
E. vslepoy@lynnma.gov

Debra Starratt
Reproduction Clerk
P. 781-586-6777
F. 781-477-7026
E. dstarratt@lynnma.gov