Playground Improvement activities occur within the City’s Comprehensive Revitalization Area (CRA), a designated slums and blight area comprised of nineteen (19) census tracts.  Playground Improvement activities are designed to enhance public recreational amenities within the CRA.  Improvements may include regrading, fencing, resurfacing of play areas, irrigation, shade tree plantings, mulching, loam, sod, as well as the installation of benches, waste receptacles, picnic tables, lighting and play equipment. 




Current Playground Projects


Henry Avenue Playground

Park renovations at Henry Avenue Playground include the installation of a new play surface on an existing basketball court, removal of pavements and construction of a small soccer field, fencing repair and installation of new children’s play equipment.


Williams Avenue Playground

Park renovations at Williams Avenue Playground include fencing improvements.


Neptune Boulevard Park
(Also known as McManus Field and Lynn Tech Park)

The City just received another grant (December 2012) from the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environment Affairs (PARC) in the amount of $400,000 for improvements to Neptune Boulevard park.  The Office of Economic and Community Development will provide $240,000 in CDBG funds toward this project which will be designed in 2013 with construction to be complete in 2014.