The Lynn Woods Reservation is a 2200 acre urban forest owned by the City of Lynn.
Over the past 15 - 20 years the City has been diligently pursuing the completion of improvements identified in the Reservation’s Master Plan which was finalized in the eighties with the assistance of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Conservation and Recreation. 

Perhaps the most significant architectural feature in the Woods is the Stone Tower at Burrill Hill. 






Lynn Woods Background

The Lynn Woods Reservation was founded in 1881, the second largest municipal park in the United States, is a 2,200 acre municipal forest park located in Lynn, Massachusetts. The Woods offers over 30 miles of scenic trails for hiking, running, horseback riding, mountain biking (not allowed during the winter), cross-country skiing, and nature walks.

Three active reservoirs provide pretty pond-like scenery among natural forestland, as well as clean water for the City of Lynn. Dungeon Rock is a well-loved underground tunnel with a history of pirate lore and treasure seekers. The Rose Garden, Houghton Horticultural Garden, and Amphitheater areas provide more formal settings to explore.

Lynn Woods Management

The City of Lynn’s Department of Public Works, Park Commission, and Lynn Water and Sewer Commission share jurisdiction and management of the Reservation. The Park encompasses nearly one-fifth of the entire land area of the City and represents a significant natural, watershed, and public recreational resource in eastern Massachusetts.

Lynn Woods Events

The Lynn Woods Cross Country Races have been held during the summer for over 30 years. Started originally by the Lynn Park Department, the races are now administered and sponsored by the North Medford Club, North Shore Striders, and the Lynn AC.

Races are held on Wednesdays during June, July, and August. All but the last two weeks of the series (10 Mile Relay and the Handicap) are free. Each week 2 races - a short one of 2-3 miles and a longer one somewhere between 4 and 8 miles are run. Every week there are also a 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile races for children.

The courses are run mostly on dirt roads and trails. The beginning and end of each race is on 200 yards of pavement. Footing can be difficult in parts. All of the courses can be described as hilly and challenging. No cars are allowed within the Woods.

The Friends of Lynn Woods

Walk The Friends of Lynn Woods is the primary community group that supports the City in improving and maintaining Lynn Woods. Incorporated in 1990, the “Friends” is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to insure the perpetual existence of the Lynn Woods Reservation.

The Friends of Lynn Woods have formed to ensure the perpetual existence of the Lynn Woods Reservation as outlined by the Indentured Trust of December of 1881.

Our aim is to protect the Woods from development and exploitation, and maintain the Woods as a natural and unspoiled forest preserve. We will organize and enlist volunteers to undertake projects within the Woods that will enhance but not alter the natural and primeval qualities of the forest.
We will strive to make Lynn Woods a prominent focal point of the City of Lynn. We will educate adults and children alike to the environmental and historical values of Lynn Woods.

The Friends of Lynn Woods will be the means for people to become reacquainted with the Lynn Woods Reservation. Visit our website today for much, much more!