Keaney Park is a key component to Lynn's future growth and economic development.









Keaney Park Renovations

Renovations at Keaney Park are eligible under 24 CFR Section 570.201 (c) and meet the national objective cited in 24 CFR 570.208 (a) (1). Improvements included the construction  of a new baseball field with new backstops and benches, the installation of five new tennis courts  the addition of utility poles and lights for the newly finished little league field, upgrading part of the field lighting system with energy efficient fixtures and the installation of new softball backstops and protective fencing at the new girls’ softball field.

CDBG-R funds in the amount of $256,937 were used in conjunction with $425,600 in state funds in 2010 to support this project, which will be completed by December 2009. Approximately 40 construction jobs were created with this activity.  It is estimated that 11,200 persons will benefit from this activity, 58% being of low/moderate income.

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