Lynn's Commercial Facade Program provides grant assistance to businesses located in the downtown area for new signage, lighting and awnings, or a combination of the three. The program began in October of 2009 and has improved more than 100 storefronts of downtown businesses since its inception, with a commitment to several more businesses in the future. 

The Commercial Façade Program upgrades and coordinates signage and storefront improvements to enhance the aesthetic appearance and economic vitality of the downtown area. The maximum grant available is a $4,000 reimbursement.






Facade Project Rendering
Market Street Rendering

Market Street rendering of façade project at a block of 7 storefronts which consists of awnings, lighting and individual signs for each business.  These 7 businesses received a $4,000 grant for a total project cost of $28,000.

For more information please feel free to contact Rich Avery Community Development, 781-586-6767.