Through the adoption of a formal Citizen Participation Plan on December 11, 1974, by the Mayor and City Council, a general community-wide Advisory Board on Community Development was established that facilitates active participation by citizens.  The Board advises the Mayor, through LHAND and the Department of Community Development staff, in implementing the Citizen Participation Plan, and makes every effort to encourage citizen participation in the Community Development process. 

The Board disseminates information and holds public meetings and hearings about the Community Development Program, community needs, and proposals to meet those needs.
The Board facilitates communication between the public and professional staff, and advises the Mayor, through LHAND and Department of Community Development staff, regarding community development needs and program proposals.  Board members also provide ongoing communication with their respective City Councilors concerning housing and community development issues.  Finally, the Board strives to increase the quality of citizen participation in the Consolidated Planning process.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awards grants to entitlement community grantees to carry out a wide range of community development activities directed toward revitalizing neighborhoods, economic development, and providing improved community facilities and services.

The Advisory Board on Community Development is formed and services in the following manner:

  • - The Mayor appoints seven members to the Board
  • - An additional eleven members are appointed, one by each member of the City Council. The term of service of each Board Member is the same as that of the appointing party. In the event of a vacancy on the Board, replacements on the Board are made in the manner prescribed above
  • - All members of the Advisory Board on Community Development appointed by the Mayor serve at his pleasure. If a member of the City Council wishes to have his appointee removed from the Board, the matter comes before the full City Council for a decision
  • - The Board elects a Chairperson from among its members
  • - The Board meets at the call of the Mayor or the Chairperson

Any member of the Board who misses three (3) consecutive meetings without good cause is automatically removed from the Board.

    Responsibilities of the Advisory Board on Community Development include:

  • - To advise the Mayor concerning Community Development and housing needs in Lynn, and proposed programs to meet those needs including reviewing and providing consultation on the City’s Consolidated Plan submission
  • - To provide City residents with information concerning Community Development block grants, needs, and program proposals including conducting public hearings
  • - To conduct two formal public hearings per year as detailed below for the purpose of soliciting citizen input to the Consolidated Plan and reviewing program performance. In addition, the Board shall conduct an additional public hearing to solicit citizen comment in the event that the City proposes to submit a substantial amendment to the Consolidated Plan as defined below
  • - To meet in sub-committees as necessary to increase its understanding of Consolidated Plan needs and programs, to prepare materials for distribution to other citizens, to plan for public meetings, and to prepare reports to the Mayor
  • - To advise the Mayor as required concerning Consolidated Plan program applications, substantial amendments, revisions, reallocations of funds and designation of new activities or locations
  • - To otherwise facilitate involvement and participation of the citizens of Lynn

Current Citizen Advisory Board

Current Citizen Advisory Board 2022 - Updated February 17, 2022
Mayor's Representatives
Mayor Jared Nicholson (7) Appointments
Alysha Bingham (2022)
1 Carroll Way 02
Cecilia Lugan
142 Washington St. 02
William Maciak (1982/2013/22)
23 Briar Hill Dr. 02
781-595-8055 home
781-258-1850 cell
Tish Mukala
23 Brownville Ave. 02
Tanvir Murad
9 Stephen Ter. 02
Latoya Ogunbona (2022)
200 Western Ave. 04
Councilor-at-Large Representatives
Buzzy Barton Hong Net Brian Field Brian LaPierre
Francella Adamson (2012)
783 Summer St. 05
Cleo Hereford
264 Boston St. #4 04
617- 240-9298
Dulce Gonzalez
150 Market Street #3 01
Dick Willis (1988/2016)
29 Linton Road 04
781- 820-5929
Ward Councilors Representatives
Ward 1
Wayne Lozzi 
Ward 2
Rick Starbard
Ward 3
Coco Alinsug
Ward 4
Richard Colucci

Brian Lozzi
10 Kernwood Dr. 04

Rosa Feliz
189 Henry Ave. 02

Sandy Anshewitz
451 Eastern Ave. 02

Jeanne Curley
273 Ocean St. 02
781-893-3732 (W)
Ward 5
Diane Chakoutis
Ward 6
Frederick Hogan
Ward 7
Jay Walsh
Jay Polonsky
198 Locust St. #307 04
Charles Rowe
104 W. Neptune St. 05
Magalie Torres-Rowe (2020)
30 Menlo Terrace 05
Download The Current 2022 Citizen Advisory Board List

Advisory Board Meetings

The Advisory Board meets to discuss current issues concerning community development including the Consolidated Plan.  These meetings provide the opportunity for the Board to offer their opinions and advice concerning community development activities and the form and content of the Consolidated Plan. During these meetings, the Board is informed of upcoming matters of importance.  At various times, sub-committees are formed and meetings are held in order to address issues that require special attention.


Information on technical program requirements shall be provided to the Citizens’ Advisory Board, groups of low and moderate income persons, and residents in blighted neighborhoods by LHAND and the Department of Community Development staff throughout the year at such times when needed or requested.  The level and type of technical assistance shall be determined by LHAND and the Department of Community Development on an individual basis upon consideration of varying needs and requests.