Lynn's Waterfront Plan is focused on a 305-acre development site located in Lynn, Massachusetts. The site begins at the General Edwards Bridge and extends north to the intersection of the Lynnway and Market Street, and east along the inner harbor shoreline to the Nahant rotary. The waterfront property is an exceptional site made up of contiguous parcels of land that are severely underutilized. Land of this magnitude in a strategic location along a beautiful waterfront is rare, particularly when it is located within 10 miles of downtown Boston. Its exceptional location is an untapped asset waiting to be explored and transformed into a higher and better use neighborhood as an expression of Downtown Lynn on the water. The Lynn Waterfront Master Plan also examines lower Sagamore Hill in search of a better design concept to take advantage of its proximity to both downtown and the waterfront.



Historically, this land was utilized for a large variety of industrial uses ranging from active maritime commerce to power generation. This new plan represents future land use, proposed mixed-use density, open space, development program and identification of new neighborhoods in the city.

Lynn's Waterfront Development

The purpose for producing the master plan for the Waterfront Planning Area is to:
1. Maximize the success and impact of activities already underway
2. Create a mixed use district that truly works for housing, retail, commercial, and industrial uses
3. Connect key areas within the Waterfront Planning Area that are not adequately connected, particularly the portion abutting the downtown with the waterfront area on the east side of the Lynnway
4. Clean up and develop areas that have been seriously underutilized
5. Identify options to buffer conflicting uses so they can comfortably function in close proximity
6. Identify strong development options for the 6 specified Focus Sites
7. Maximize use and availability of state-owned pier
8. Overcome the image in the City that the Lynn Waterfront Planning Area is not capable of being reclaimed and redeveloped

Waterfront Development Load Fund

The City has applied for a $5 million Section 108 Loan from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide loan funding to developers interested in pursuing development opportunities within the City’s designated waterfront redevelopment area.  The City has recently completed the “Lynn Waterfront Master Plan” (see below) to guide development of approximately 305 acres of land along the waterfront in the southeastern corner of the city.  Funding may be used for job creation/retention activities, infrastructure improvements, land assembly, site improvements, etc.  These funds, coupled with other private and public resources, will create a vibrant new waterfront community while increasing the City’s tax base, expanding open space, increasing housing, office space and public access to the waterfront. A determination on the City’s loan application will be made by HUD in September 2009.

Waterfront Master Plan

Click on the cover below to download the final Waterfront Master Plan (PDF Format)
:master plan