Lynn's Downtown Traffic Study was completed in November 2005. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the potential impacts of five streets from one-way to two-way orientations.

The impacts were evaluated in terms of the operational characteristics of the intersections, loss of available parking spaces, accommodation of heavy vehicles and overall traffic circulation to facilitate access and egress. The analysis was performed for the evening peak hour impacts, which represent the worse traffic scenario.




Lynn's Traffic Study Areas

Segment 1: Liberty Street between High Street and Washington Street
Segment 2: Essex Street between Washington Street and Johnson Street
Segment 3: Willow Street between Blake Street and Liberty Street
Segment 4: Blake Street between Central Avenue and Buffum Street
Segment 5: Oxford Street between Market Street and Washington Street

Downtown Traffic Study

A copy of this study can be obtained by contacting the Department of Community Development at (781) 586-6770