Lynn's Washington Street Gateway Plan was completed in the spring of 2008.  The study area focused on Lower Sagamore Hill along Washington Street; however, the adjacent neighborhood, North Shore Community College, and downtown Lynn provided the context for the study, with consideration of connections, overall circulation, compatible uses and activities, and other key relationships to the study area.


A copy of the “Washington Street Gateway Master Plan” can be obtained by contacting the Department of Community Development at (781) 586-6770.




Lynn's Washington Street Plan Goals

1. Facilitate the development of a mix of uses including retail, residential and office to create vitality
2. Increase real estate investment and maximize development
3. Improve the Washington Street Corridor
4. Create a connection between Sagamore Hill, North Shore Community College and the waterfront
5. Promote the accessibility within the district by improving existing street pattern and sidewalks
6. Replace vacant or underutilized land, low-density development, and incompatible uses with moderate-density mixed-use development
7. Encourage transit-oriented development

Washington Street Gateway Plan

Click on the cover below to download the final Washington Street Gateway Master Plan (PDF Format)

:master plan